Are you feeling miserable/ lacking motivation, concentration/ hopeless/ despairing?

Anxiety / Panic Attacks / Phobias

Do you feel generally anxious/ avoiding doing things you’re afraid of/ unable to feel calm and relaxed? Are you anxious about social situations/ health and death when you are well? Do you have phobias about places such as lifts, flights or animals? Do you suffer from panic attacks or agraphobia?

Post-Traumatic Stress

Are you feeling distressed, anxious, having flash-backs or nightmares, unable to do some things which you used to do easily following a traumatic incident?

Work Stress/Bullying

Are you feeling low or anxious about the demands of work? Are you being bullied?


Are inharmonious relationships upsetting you?

 Abuse Recovery

Are you bothered by unwanted images and memories of traumatic incidents in the past? Are the effects of the abuse affecting your ability to lead a fulfilled life?


Do you feel angry about unresolved issues? Is it hard to control your anger?


Is it hard to adjust to major changes or to being on your own?


Do you continue to feel sad/ guilty/ angry about losing someone?

Low Self-Esteem

Do you dislike yourself/ feel insecure/ lack confidence?

Self-Destructive Habits

Do you binge eat/ eat very little/ self harm?


Do you have problems in sexual relationships? Is your sexual identity an issue?

Christine Perry
Accredited Counsellor