• Life is getting on top of you?
  • Some things are difficult to deal with?
  • Your feelings seem unmanageable?

Are you finding it hard to maintain important relationships or to build new ones?

Are you having problems with anger, depression, anxiety and panic......

Has something happened which you are struggling to deal with such as a stressful work situation, illness, divorce, loss of a loved one....

  • Sometimes an event or series of life events can really rock us: 'I don't understand. I used to be a coper. Now I don't seem to be coping with anything very well.' It can affect our confidence or self esteem and make us wonder what life is about. It may affect our motivation and make us question our values and what is important to us in life.
  • I offer you a safe, supportive space to explore your feelings and thoughts. My clients often say it is easier to talk to someone who is not so closely involved in their situation such as friends and family, someone who doesn't get so involved or upset, someone who doesn't tell them what to do. It is easier to talk to an experienced counsellor who will try to understand your concerns in a warm, non-judgemental way. 
  • Often by talking in this way they gain new insights about themselves and their situations and can start to see more choices available to them. My clients usually leave counselling feeling better about themselves and finding they are more able to cope with life in a way that is right for them.

Sometimes the issues brought to counselling may be related to past events such as childhood emotional, physical or sexual abuse, neglect, fostering, adoption or being bullied. It may be related to previous difficult or abusive relationships. Counselling can help you review more deep-seated issues which can bring about the healing of old hurts. This also gives the opportunity to become more aware of old patterns of behaviour and negative habits, allowing you to start to change them. This may be dealt with in shorter term work 5-9 sessions, but may need longer term work. I can work with whatever is appropriate for you and work at your pace.

I work 1-1 with adults.

Please contact me if you feel the time is right for a new approach on: 07771 731990 or email me at: christine@counsellingringwood.co.uk.   I offer counselling in Ringwood and Poole, within easy reach of Bournemouth, Christchurch, Fordingbridge, Verwood, Ferndown and the New Forest.


Christine Perry
Accredited Counsellor

Issues I can help with:

  • Depression 
  • Anxiety 
  • Post-Traumatic Stress 
  • Work Stress, Bullying 
  • Relationships, Divorce 
  • Abuse 
  • Anger 
  • Loss or Grief 
  • Low Self-Esteem 
  • Self-Destructive Habits 
  • Sexuality